Commercial Certificate

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What Can You Do?:

If you are looking to pursue a career in aviation as a pilot, you will need a commercial certificate to be elligible to receieve compensation to be hired as a pilot. The good news is, here at Camarillo Flight Instruction, you can recieve commercial certificate training!


To achieve your commercial pilot certificate you will need a total of 250 hours of flight experience. Those hours must include at least 100 hours of pilot in command experience, 50 hours of airplane flight experience, night flight of 5 hours with 10 landings at a controlled field, and 50 hours of cross country experience, including one solo flight of at least 300 nautical miles.

The instruction required for your commercial certificate must include, 10 hours or completion of you instrument rating, 10 hours of complex airplane training, 2 hours of both day and night cross country training, and 3 hours of checkride preparation.

Just like any other certificate or rating, the length of time it takes you to achieve your commercial license depends on hour frequently you are able to fly to accomplish each of the requirements. Reasonably, if you maintain a regular flight schedule, you have the capability to complete your single engine commercial pilot certificate in less than a year.



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