Camarillo Airport Flight Instructors


Yves hanging out in our Cessna 172, N6523D

Want to Fly?

Have you ever looked up in the sky, seen an airplane, and wondered what it would be like to fly? At Camarillo Flight Instruction, we provide that, as well as the opportunity to achieve mutiple forms of certificates and ratings, including private pilot, commercial, instrument as well as complex and spin endorsements. Our skilled instruction team members are dedicated to seeing success in all of our students. Flying is our passion and we strive to see that in others as well and do what we can to help everyone achieve that. The best part is our flight instructor rate is only $55 per hour!

Why would you want to learn to fly and to become a pilot? The world around you becomes much more accessible when you receive that training. You also will no longer have the concern of being a passenger and going through the process of just getting on a plane to go from one destination to the next. In general aviation, it is as simple as getting in an airplane, and flying. You get the chance to command the aircraft and your path without the frustation of airport security and delayed flights. It is also a fun and challenging experience. When you take to the skies, you see all the different ways that the aircraft reacts to different conditions. There is a variety of safety and mastery of flight maneuvers that you will learn. It is a fantastic hobby and is an overall enjoyable experience. Flight training also can open the door to a new and exciting potential career. If you do continue training and working through the ratings, you can become a pilot for large airlines, for individuals with their own aircraft, and many more potential careers as well. If you enjoy flying so much that you want to train others to experience what it is to be a pilot, you can also become a flight instructor.


What is the process of beignning a career in aviation?

There are many steps to follow on the road to beginning a career in aviation. First, of course, is beginning your training towards your private pilot's license. There are a couple of ways that you can begin. You can start by trying out a Discovery Flight Lesson, where you can go up with one of the instructors and feel what it is like to command an aircraft. If you decide after a Discovery Flight or already know that you want to be a pilot and want to dive right into your training, you can start setting up flights with an instructor to work towards your private pilot's license.

From there you can begin work on your ratings such as the instrument rating. In your instrument training, you learn how to fly the aircraft by the instruments without visual reference to the ground. Read more about an instrument rating here!

Once you complete your instrument rating, you can begin training towards the commercial certificate. This certificate is required if you would like to recieve any compensation as a pilot. You can read in more detail about what that certification requires here! From there, you can build your hours toward your career in aviation by becoming a flight instructor.


Why become a flight instructor?

Getting paid to fly is amazing, and what better way to master your skills than to teach? Flight instructing is incredibly rewarding, and full of awesome moments. If you would like to train others to experience the skies, then you have come to the right place. We offer the ability for you to become a certified flight instructor.

Sean Saute and Student